So much for that

I just did a test post with something that is the core of my existing blog. It doesn’t display correctly, not even with some futzing around. So I will be deleting this blog for now and sticking with my current blog


Moving on?

I’d love answers back on whether I should move my blog to WordPress.
What can you expect?
Right now the active part of my old blog is busting urban legends about Torah. Four parts: law; archaeology; translations and commentaries; structure. I’m still working on the first part.
I am ready to post version 2.0 of my English translation of the transcript from the Mendel Beilis blood libel trial. I have also finished the “murder mystery” version which is 90% shorter, The Anvil.
I am posting DIY stuff. If you have a tiny kitchen or yard like me, you would probably like to know that you can still save tons of money by doing some things yourself.
I am almost done posting instructions for a sleeveless pullover in Fair Isle.
I’m blogging my 2014 organic veggie garden.
I’m blogging this year’s birdwatching.
There will also be plenty of rants.

Move it all to WordPress? Yes or no?